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Welcome to Hope House Knowledge Center 
Daycare and Preschool

HHKC has been designated as an essential child care facility. We currently have vacancies in all age groups, ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years old. We are following all State mandated protocols to keep our staff, children and parents safe. School age children continue to complete school work that is sent with them to Hope House, including the participation of Zoom calls with teachers. We strive to keep our atmosphere as "normal" and stress free as possible, to provide our children with much needed normalcy. 
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Childcare in Wilmington Delaware
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Preschool and Childcare in Wilmington, Delaware

We are a comprehensive daycare and preschool center, open to servicing families in need of child care. We support emotional and social skills and increase self-awareness. Hope House Knowledge Center is designed to help develop and enhance core sensory and motor coordination skills. 

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Before and Aftercare

Our children in the early childhood stages on the other hand are learning to foster their physical abilities and independence, and our HHKC caregivers will be right there to encourage them along as they find their way.

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At HHKC, we understand how important selecting the right child care is and we are dedicated to providing a place where your child can have fun while learning and developing social skills in the process.

Our infants will be provided with a sense of reliability. This is important because they are at the stage of development that cultivates their sense of trust.

Kindergarten Classroom

Summer Camp

Finally, as our preschoolers begin to assert control and power over their surroundings, we will be there to help them understand that environment while learning in the process. 

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We are Here!

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Now accepting new enrollment applications!

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