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Your Child deserves the best: Educational Value and Curriculum 


Hope House Knowledge Center utilizes the HighScope Preschool Curriculum. The HighScope Curriculum is a comprehensive guide to help teachers, administrators, and students support young children’s active learning. This program has been used successfully in a wide range of settings with diverse populations.


HighScope focuses on Key Development Indicators, which are observable milestones that guide teachers as they plan experiences and interact with children to scaffold their learning.

Staff monitors the development of all children enrolled at Hope House Knowledge Center. Throughout the year, various ways of documenting their progress will be utilized. Documentation will include, but not be limited to photographs, samples of work, and documented observations.


A child’s development will be communicated through daily notes and conferences. During the enrollment process, parents will be asked to communicate their expectations, regarding their child’s development. Conferences will be held twice a year. Additional conferences may be requested, if the parent has a concern about a child’s progress. During the conference, teachers will share the documentation collected about the child.


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